With the recent 2.1 release, we fixed a bug that is actually causing behavior that is different from the previous version. The behavior now is the correct one, but customers are used to the older behavior.


Here is a question we got: 

Question : With the new minified jquery file in with our existing treegrid files we noticed that in our grids which use nested hierarchical data the pager header shows up at the bottom of each nested level where as previously it did not. We aren't doing any paging but are using the forcePager attribute to show the icons for filtering and exporting. 


This was actually a bug fix for another customer. If forcePagerRow is set to true, it is supposed to render a pager at each level. What you can do is set forcePagerRow=false at inner levels.  If you have dynamiclevels, you can set it in an event handler:

<grid dynamicLevelCreated="dynamicLevelsCreated(event)"

                  function dynamicLevelsCreated(event) {