All our products ship with a lot of functionality that comes with its own UI.

  • The toolbars on top of each datagrid have their own UI
  • The export comes with its own export type and column picker
  • The print comes with the print column picker and the print preview window
  • The user settings persistence mechanism comes with its own popup to save and set preferences

So, that said, the first thing you should know is that we have built in a mechanism  that allows you to customize this UI, whether it be for localization purposes, or for customization of functionality.

Attached are as sample set of files for customization of these different UI bits. 


CustomExportOptionsView.js (7.67 kb)

CustomPagerControlAS.js (30.51 kb)

CustomSaveSettingsPopup.js (8.30 kb)

CustomSettingsPopup.js (6.95 kb)

CustomScreens.html (4.32 kb)