It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the general avalability of HTMLTreeGrid version 1.5. This release has a few major enhancements, each with their own respective blog posts, and a list of minor enhancements and bug fixes follows this. If you have a valid subscription to support and updates, please submit a build request. 

Major enhancements:

  • Added AutoComplete support to TextInput and for enableFilterAutoComplete.

  • Implemented Server based preference persistence
  • Implemented Angular-js directives. This adds support for declaring the grid as HTML markup.
  • Implemented Inner level filters : This adds support for defining filters on the top level as well as inner levels.
  • Sticky headers: This allows you to lock the inner level header rows as you scroll through the child items. More details here. The following properties were added to FlexDataGridColumnLevel for this.
    • enableStickyHeaders: For inner level grids that have their own headers, when the header row scrolls out of view, there is no easy way to determine columns for each row. This flag will make the header row "sticky". For the 3.2 release, this is a beta feature.
    • stickyHeadersAlpha: The alpha to apply to sticky header row.
  •  Numerous updates to documentation, and a complete getting started guide added

Other Enhancements/Bug Fixes


1.  Made the TextInput HTML template based. You can set the template by updating the constants class. Default template is :

            Constants.TEMPLATE_TEXTINPUT="<input class='textBox' type='text'/><img class='insideIcon inputIcon'/><img class='outsideIcon inputIcon' style='visibility: hidden' />";

        Please note, the TextInput serves as the base class for DatePicker, as well as MultiSelectComboBox.

2.  Added support for custom header text function for excel export. headerTextForExportFunction. The default function for excel export. By default, we will return the header text. If the parent is a column group, we will concatenate its text to the excel export. headerTextFunction. A function that determines the header text for a column. Should take a column.

3.  Added API to control positioning of the icon for each cell. Added iconPlacementFunction to FlexDataGridColumn. A function that allows you to position the icon when you provide an iconFunction or iconUrl. By default, we use the iconLeft, iconRight, iconTop and iconBottom style properties. However in case of hierarchical grids, you may want to control the positioning of the icon. Takes a FlexDataGridCell object, and an Image object. The image object is already positioned x,y at the result of the calculation based upon iconLeft, Right, Top and Bottom properties for you to make additional adjustments.

4.  Added support for globalFilterMatchFunction : a function to control all the filtering at all levels. If you specify this, all built in filtering mechanics are ignored. This allows you to have full control over filtering.

5.  Added the restrict property to TextInput, this is a validation regex that will allow only the text that matches the regex to be entered into the textinput.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Current Quarter date range filter was yielding incorrect results.
  • If you pick only the first item in MSCB, it would select all.
  • In the TextInput filter if your pressed down on the backspace key and kept it pressed down, after the text being cleared, the filter was not being run.
  • Selecting CUSTOM date in the DateComboBox was triggering filter. Now filter will only be triggered on select date in custom popup.
  • Event listeners were being added multiple times without a check to see if they already exist once. For grids that are built in response to user interactions, this would cause the listeners to be triggered multiple times.
  • Keyboard handling was broken for scrolling through grids with both horizontal and vertical scroll.
  • Inner level pager toolbars were being recycled using the top level toolbar, so they had paging buttons when they should not have.
  • Preference persistence was not persisting column widths.
  • The vertical scrollbar was not adjusting correctly in response to expand/collapse of items in certain circumstances
  • The expand collapse icon was appearing for rows that did not have children under certain circumstances.