As most of you know, the HTMLTreeGrid is built on top of well established frameworks. There is a plugin based mechanism that can be used to plugin any framework of choice. We use the framework for a multitude of things, including date pickers, popup windows, and the like. Our plugin based architecture makes it easy to loosely couple the framework from the grid. 

One of our customers wanted to use Bootstrap as their component framework. We developed a BootstrapAdapter as a part of this excercise, which can serve as a good starting point if you wish to plug in any other third party framework. Since this particular customer was using angular-jquery as well, we have some jquery bits in the adapter, but have replaced the datepickers and popups with bootstrap styles.

So this is what it looks like:


And the date picker popup:


Below is the bootstrapadapter used for this:


BootstrapAdapter.js (12.62 kb) (5.86 kb)