Recently with the release of our 2.0, we are getting some more questions -


Question: In currency formating is it possible to replace the seperator( ' , ' ) with any other symbol say ( ' . ' ) ? ie 4,294,967,295.00  with 4.294.967.295,00 .


Answer: Set formatterCurrencySymbol="." on the column

Question:We having trouble with adjusting the width of the first column(by draging) as the arrow symbol is not displayed, rest of the columns are workin as expected.Please try with the following example

Answer: CheckBox columns are not resizable by default. You have to explicitly set resizable flag.

 '<column  columnWidthMode="fixed" dataField="PMY_HIERARCHY" editable="true" enableCellClickRowSelect="true" enableExpandCollapseIcon="true" enableHierarchicalNestIndent="true" enableLabelAndCheckBox="true" enableQuickView="true" enableRecursiveSearch="true" filterComparisionType="string" filterControl="TextInput" filterOperation="Contains" filterPaddingLeft="10" headerPaddingLeft="10" headerText="My Hierarchy" headerWordWrap="false" minWidth="250" paddingLeft="20" sortNumeric="false" sortable="false" textAlign="left" truncateToFit="false" type="checkbox" useHandCursor="false" useUnderLine="false" width="250" resizable="true"/>'

Question:Is there a settings that I can use to set the maximum number of characters that a textinput filter control can intake ?


Answer: This has been added. We have added maxLength to Textbox.js


Question : We are trying to integrate a HTMLTREEGRID into angular-dashboard-framework and the grid is not loading
Answer : Most likely, the issue is that you haven not added the fdgrid module.

var sample = angular.module('sample', ['adf', ...,'fdGrid']).factory('localStorage',function(){

                        return {};


Question : The attribute alternatingTextColors seems to not be working.  No matter what I set it to, it always remains white/white.  The alternatingItemColors worked just fine, so I could pick a dark color for display.

Answer : The problem is usually that some other css loaded that is affecting the label class. The key is to either remove the css, or define an overriding css:
.flexiciousGrid  label
color : #000;
text-align : left;