Just got a few support queries that we feel  our customers should be aware of:


Hi, I have a memory leak in my application with the HTMLTreeGrid. While debugging in the google chrome devtool I realize that my grid was still referenced in the global object window: 

bound_this in function native_bind() @1285179





rowBackgroundColorFunction in a @1123079





_columnLevel in c @1124729





grid0 in @1067953





registry in @1067725





flexiciousNmsp in Window / localhost:183/MainIn…3-a70d-fa7cdbaa8ac7 @1029833


In the console, I can still access the grid like this:  window.flexiciousNmsp.registry.grid0;

Is there a function that I have to call to delete the grid properly?  Should I just clear the registry of flexiciousNmsp object ?

-> Answer -. Yes, call grid.kill() method. This will clean out all the registry entries and release the memory.




In our scenarios we cannot always refresh the grid as the context (selection made in the grid etc..) could be lost. Instead we tried using the itemLoad method to set the data. It is working but the problem we are facing is that the leaf node (last level row) is also showing the expand icon.


Is there an option we could avoid showing the expand icon in the leaf node? We are using dynamicLoading option together with itemLoad. 

-> Answer -> You can define hasChildrenFunction.

 * This is a property that gets called to determine if a expand/collapse icon needs to be drawn.
 * If this is null, or returns true, then the expand collapse icon is drawn on basis of whether or not
 * there are children. This is useful when you have a nextLevelRenderer defined, but do not want to show
 * it if you dont have children. It should take an object (the row data)  and a cell parameter.
 * @type {Function}
 * @property hasChildrenFunction


The expand /collapse icon is getting overlapped with the data. 


o       Set paddingLeft=25


I don’t want to change background on hover, I have tried by setting ‘null’, ‘inherit’, ‘transparent’ and ‘none’ to xiactive-cell-color, but none of this is working as expected.


Set xienable-Active-Cell-Highlight="false"