It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the general avalability of HTMLTreeGrid version 2.0. If you have a valid subscription to support and updates, please submit a build request. 

Major enhancements: 

Added support for Drag and Drop - Attached is an example of support for this functionality. DragDropGrid.js (8.81 kb)

Below is the screenshot:

Added support for Print, Print Preview and PDF Export  - This is one of our most requested features - the ability to print out high fidelity output. 

The pdf support we have is a combination of two opensource libraries jspdf and html2canvas, both require modern browsers. Now, the way the pdf works is is, we take screenshots of the page and send it to the pdf. But taking screenshots of the page uses the html2canvas library - it is quite limited. So there are 2 issues that we have found so far 1) The canvas does not capture other canvases (or svgs) - this is a limitation of the html2canvas library that we use. So charts etc do not get pdf'd using the built in pdf generation routine. The quality of the pdf leaves much to be desired. html2canvas simply does not match the quality of the flex based pdf. But the good thing is that the print mechanism we imlpemented uses native browser printing so we spit out html in a new window that gets printed out. This does not have either of the limitations mentioned above. Chrome has a built in writer to send print output directly to pdf, and for IE/FF you can install the CutePDF writer, that will send print output to pdfs - which will get you the same results. Our recommendation is to ask your users to print to pdf instead of generating pdfs from the app. You get better quality and no missing components. 

Now that said, all you have to do to enable this feature is set enablePDF =true to enable PDF export, useEnchancedPrint=true to use the new high fidelity printing as opposed to the older plain HTML output.

Below is the screenshot:


  • Added the Excel2007Exporter. More details on this blog post :
  • Added headerTextFunction - support for customized header text for each column (at inner levels)
  • Added an ID for each cell to better support automation testing
  • Added support for hasChildrenFunction - This is a property that gets called to determine if a expand/collapse icon needs to be drawn. If this is null, or returns true, then the expand collapse icon is drawn on basis of whether or not there are children. This is useful when you have a nextLevelRenderer defined, but do not want to show it if you dont have children.
  • On select of a row, added an attribute I can use to set the text in the entire row to bold? 
  • Ability to customize Date Picker to allows more years from before. 

Bug Fixes:

  • The filterDateRangeOptions parameter was not being respected.
  • If you pick only the first item in MSCB, it would select all.
  • For date picker item editor, the icon was showing up in a new line.
  • When there is a empty data in a columns, during sorting it  is not working as expected, but when you replace those with spaces, it is working fine. Looks like the sorting is not considered when it is empty.
  • Fix for sorting of null values and sortCompareFunction descending not working. When useLabelFunctionForSortCompare is set, it should sort correctly.
  • Bug with clear filter not working for ComboBox and DateComboBox filter
  • Fix for issue with copy table options
  • Issue with Draw Broken lines. Apply formatting to footer cell in html. HTML change rowheiht if the function returns 0, calculate the grid default. HTML bugwith programmatic column groups.
  • Bug fix - color for header and footer padding cells gets changed on rebuild. 
  • When you use Custom and enter the same Date for Start and End it won’t let me click on OK. 
  • Bug fix - Scroll to the right in the table. Reorder one of the columns by dragging it to a new location. You’ll notice that the grid auto-scrolls all the way back to the reset position.
  • Bug Fix for Expand Collapse Icon
  • Bug Fix for hideHeaderText did not work
  • Bug Fix for when date picker opens in middle of edit, the textbox disappears.
  • Bug Fix to close the mscb when mouse down outside instead of mouseup
  • Fix to prevent text characters from being entered into Numeric RangeBox
  • Bug Fix Scroll H-Scroll bar to extreme right. Try to drag any column to the extreme right of the grid.
  • Bug Fix for tooltip on cells not being recycled correctly